decluttering for the move

Here she is, my baby berm. At 1500 square feet,  she’s half the size of the colonial home from which I am moving. This means, minimalizing is a must.

This past week, with the help of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I’ve been purging anything and everything that does not bring me joy. Clothing, furniture, kitchen supplies — buh-bye. Having just completed my divorce, the purge has been quite healing. It’s a lessening — a reminder — that life is about letting go.

I’ve hauled generations of clutter from house to house over the years. Clothes I knew I could fit into, (if I’d just not eat so much); furniture that had been passed down from my maternal and paternal grandparents; baby clothes (for my now 11 and 15-year-olds). I have 24 days to prepare for my move and there is no room for 20 years worth of stuff, which is just fine with me. What I can donate, I do. So far, I’ve donated 35 bags to the Goodwill. What is too tattered, I throw away.

We are bringing with us only the best pots and pans, our bedroom furniture, a few linens, a couple of hutches, our clothing, sheets, bikes, plants, and a few tubs of books, journals and photographs.

I plan to buy a couch, a smart TV, memory foam toppers for our beds, a dining room set, glassware and tableware — all of which I will share with you in future posts.

Back to decluttering …

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